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Arcade-Drinking-Machine / Drinkomat

What is more fun then playing oldschool games? Right, combining it with drinking. For every wrong answer the “Drinkomat” serves a little bit of booze… or was it for the right answer? You decide…

Hyundai IONIQ

The Hyundai IONIQ is the first passenger vehicle with 3 alternative drive systems. What’s invisible from the outside marks a revolution on the inside that calls for a futuristic staging. The result is a unique installation that immersed visitors of the exhibition into the fascinating […]

Hyundai UEFA Wall

For the IAA2015 ( Frankfurt am Main, Germany ) Hyundai Motor Company commissioned an interactive exhibit to promote their UEFA sponsorship. The result is a 8m long glas covered wall showcasing the football designs of the past tournaments with special light-effects. An 98inch touchscreen enables […]

Ata Macias & Partner Exhibition

Various projectors map different graphic elements on top of each other. While the images move over the wall, they are cut and overlayed with graphical elements within the boundaries of the projection trapezoids. Stock projectors with standard optics are used to cover the whole room, […]


My master thesis “Raumkrümmung” is concerned with the topic of a dynamic room. The starting points for this are modern methods of designing that make it possible to plan and draw dynamic designs with computers. For example it is possible to change and fit with […]


vierziglichter was a temporary light sculpture for the 8bar café on the campus of the msa|münster school of architecture. The design depends on 40 cone like shapes that fill the complete ceiling of the room. All in all 1640 unique transparent lasercutted polypropylen parts form the hanging […]


My bachelor thesis deals with the topic color and especially with interference pigments. These pigments are able to evoke a multicolor effect on different surfaces. To get into the topic I concentrated on the sequence of color perception and its several segments at first. From […]

Urban Interface

1st Place Alvar Aalto Preis, GEWOBA, Bremen, Germany The task of the competition was the interconnection and revival of the district Osterholz-Tenever in Bremen. The district is dominated by large housing estates from the 70iesgege which stand vis-à-vis to estate of terraced houses. Not only […]