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Arcade-Drinking-Machine / Drinkomat

Commerical, Work
Liganova Horizon GmbH
concept, architecture & design, software, electronics, execution

The “Drinkomat” arcade machine, crafted with precision and creativity, offers a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Built using OSB (oriented strand board), this captivating arcade machine combines entertainment with an unexpected twist.

At the core of the “Drinkomat” is a custom-made 2-player quiz game that challenges participants with an array of questions. But what sets this arcade machine apart is its unique feature: a shot tray and a liquid pump. With every incorrect answer, the “Drinkomat” dispenses a shot of liquid into a waiting shot glass, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the gameplay.

Constructed from OSB, the “Drinkomat” exudes a rustic charm while maintaining durability and functionality. Its distinct appearance stands out, capturing attention and inviting players to embark on an immersive quiz adventure. The combination of gameplay and interactive drink dispensing creates a lively atmosphere, making every moment memorable and enjoyable.

Experience the fusion of gaming and libations with the “Drinkomat” arcade machine. Engage in friendly competition, test your knowledge, and indulge in a unique shot-filled journey. Whether for parties, events, or personal enjoyment, the “Drinkomat” offers a playful and entertaining experience that will leave players both entertained and pleasantly surprised.