04/08/21 00:00:01 – One Instant


“04/08/2021 00:00:01- One Instant” seamlessly blends art and mathematics. Crafted from distortion-free, mirror-polished stainless steel surfaces, it harmoniously integrates into its surroundings while eliciting captivating optical effects.

Its form is derived from planar surfaces precisely oriented orthogonally to selected stars at that exact moment in time at the exact position of the sculpture. This results in a unique visual representation of a quasi-frozen night sky, with the astronomical positions of the stars engraved onto their respective surfaces. When the sun illuminates the sculpture during the day, it transforms into a star itself through its multifaceted reflections. At night, it captures the celestial expanse with its reflections, becoming a captivating part of the starry canvas.

The realization of this sculpture was made possible through the development of software for form generation and the production of highly precise data. Collaborating with Steelworks GmbH ensured that these precise data were translated 1:1 into the manufacturing process, yielding a seamless and sharp-edged surface.