Space of Impulses

Art Installation
Pavel der Schleifer

The “Space of Impulses” is a spatial art installation that embodies the vision of the free and open internet. Constant impulses serve as the initial spark and form the core of the spatial experience in two interconnected parts that encourage creativity and free thinking.

The Impulse Cloud refers to the Internet as a place of constant information streams. 1441 strips of paper form this abstract installation influenced by the positions of the world’s largest internet nodes. With the help of an AI, thoughts, like loveletters to the users of the internet, inspirational quotes and poems generated to user uploaded images are endlessly printed out in impulses to inspire visitors and spark creativity. These are immersed in color through the diversity of users and their surrounding
world and are continuously written on.

The Manifesto Impulses reflect on 10 mirrors the core principles of the Mozilla Manifesto. Through the reflection of the visitors and the Impulse Cloud in the principles a connection is made that invites everyone to be a part in this movement.

Space of Impulses is an explorational Installation that aims to inspire visitors and celebrate the Internet as a place of creativity and diversity.

It was on display during Mozilla’s Reclaim the Internet event in Berlin, Germany in 2023.

Interview with Mozilla

Technical Description

The installation comprises custom-built thermal printers, each powered by an ESP chip and equipped with a thermal printing module, housed in custom 3D-printed casings. These printers, functioning as individual print servers, connect to a main server via HTTP.

The paper sculptur is made using Rhino and Grasshopper with a custom script to place the printers as internet nodes on a world map and generate the landscape around them.