Typesoftware development

Lucifer is a program to control RGB led’s. It was developed for the light installation vierziglichter. With the program it is possible to control a random number of led’s. The signal is transfered via USB to a Arduino Microcontroller where it is processed. A solution with DMX control is also possible. Each led is individually controllable. With the mode’s Particle, Image and Spectrum the interface serves several different events for the led’s to react to. For example it is possible for each led to react to a different frequency if there is a sound input. Either with a change in color or brightness. Through the integration and animation of image files it is easy to implement complex color sequences. The handling of the simple interface is easy to learn. For a even more intuitive experience it is also controllable via an iPad.
As the program is still in a kind of beta phase it will constantly be further developed

The Interface

vierziglichter in Action controlled with Lucifer

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