common structure

Typeshort design
ProfProf. Piotr Gajewski, PK Krakow
Prof. Herbert Bühler, msa|münster school of architecture
TeamJulian Vogt M.A. (Arch.), Wolf Moritz Cramer M.A.(Arch.)

The planing area is situated to the west of the center of Krakow. The location is dominated by a huge field called Blonie. It is used by the inhabitants of Krakow for freetime activities and outdoor leisure. Our concept picks up essential social and structural elements of the common green and extends them to the planing area.

A topography folds up out of the scenery and forms an urban square inbetween. The public open space is framed by a philharmonic hall and a theatre, both of national scale. A restaurant and discotheque offer meals and enjoyment after shows.

The accesible roof landscape has unique qualities for picnic and perspectives. All in all the place with its facilities is a cultural common used point of attraction for people of all kind and ages.

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